• Webpage Design
  • Mobile Design
  • UED and Interactive Design
  • E-Commerce Design
Design desktop webpages based on the creative demands.
Design mobile webpages, compatible with all major mobile devices.
Design user flow and interactive experience.
Design e-commerce pages based on the products and potential customers.


  • Campaign Page Dev.
  • WeChat Mini APP Dev.
  • Social Platforms Dev.
  • Mobile APP Dev.
  • E-Commerce Platforms
  • Independent E-Commerce
  • General Website Dev.
Develop desktop and mobile campaign page with HTML5, CSS3 and other coding languages.
Develop WeChat Mini APP to achieve certain functionalities.
Develop social apps based on WeChat, Weibo APIs for branding and marketing.
Develop iOS and Android apps, include publishing in major app stores.
Develop e-commerce apps on Taobao and JD and promotion campaigns.
Develop independent e-commerce store based on our e-commerce management system.
Develop general website compatible with all major desktop and mobile devices.


  • Website Deployment
  • APP Publishing
  • Tech Services
  • Data Monitoring
  • E-Commerce Operation
  • EDM
Test and deploy website on to the client's servers, also provide hosting service.
Publishing iOS and Android apps on to iOS App Store and major Android stores in China.
Provide several tech and maintenance services after the development and publishing.
Generate data monitoring plan and deploy Google Analytics, Omniture, FloodLight monitoring code.
Provide full stack e-commerce services in China include operation, customer services, logistic, etc.
Design and develop EDM and send to potential customers.


  • Data Collecting
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data
  • DMP Integration
  • AEM Dev.
Collect data from several channel and analyse them to evaluate the campaign.
Collect data from several open and social platform for user research.
Find more insight from massive data (structured/non-structured).
Integrate DMP(Data Management Platform)with existing CMS, CRM systems.
AEM(Adobe Experience Management)secondary development.

Clients and Partners